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Conserving Groundwater and Protecting the Land


The Ogallala Land & Water Conservancy (OLWC), Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity in New Mexico, was created August 16, 2021, specifically for the primary purpose of conserving the groundwater resources of the Ogallala Aquifer, which experiences only limited recharge, through the use of conservation easements, while transitioning irrigated farmland and ranchland to dryland cropping or grazing land. This is a looming issue for every farmer, rancher, and community dependent on the Ogallala Aquifer from Texas to North Dakota, and the effort around Clovis/Curry County will be the first endeavor to use conservation easements to conserve the groundwater in the Aquifer. This purpose reflects uncharted territory for land trusts, making the OLWC currently one of a kind among land trusts.



Our Mission

To conserve the agricultural land and groundwater of the Ogallala Aquifer paleochannels in Curry County by forever protecting, preserving, and stewarding these natural resources for vistas, recreation, wildlife, and non-irrigated agricultural use to enhance quality of life for

Cannon Air Force Base, Curry County, and the City of Clovis.

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